Quality Craft Coffee

Rust Coffee Lounge strives to offer the best specialty coffee in Portland. Ristretto Roasters help make this possible. Ristretto is located in Portland where they roast decaf, single origin, and other delicious blends to help start your morning.



Offered Year Round

Full Body, Low Acidity, Chocolate Truffle, Maraschino Cherry, and Toasted Coconut




Colombia Decaf
Sugar Cane Process

Medium Body, Medium-High Acidity, Honeydew, Banana Bread, and Brooks Plum


Colombia, Pijao

Green Grape Acidity, Medium Body, Floral aroma, Nutmeg, and Sweet Molasses


Keeping Local

Rust Coffee Lounge strives to give the best coffee experience in Portland, but this doesn't stop at your lattes. All of our pastries and grab and go lunches are from local vendors, up to 2 miles away from our shop. Our selections even include gluten free and vegan friendly options for more delicious variety.



The Bakeshop is located on 54th & NE Sandy Blvd. The selection of pastries rotate seasonally. Current favorites include a figgy buckwheat scone, cheese & butter baguette, and a Nutella puff. These pastries are delivered daily. $2 pastry happy hour is every day until 2pm

Gluten Free Gem

Gem offers a variety of gluten free pastries, including dairy free, egg free, and vegan. These pastries rotate seasonally. Current favorites include a pumpkin bar, peanut butter power bar, and a gingerbread muffin 


For a more substantial meal, try one of Molly's healthy breakfast sandwiches or lunch options. Current favorites include the Freebird Turkey sandwich, Treehuger Breakfast sandwich, and a Yam & Kale wrap.

Beer & Wine

Rust Coffee Lounge offers a limited selection of local beer & wine, served from 11am-6pm. Cider is also on the menu try a can of Portland Cider Co., Rust covers Portland's local favorites. 

For another relaxing option, try the Oregon made Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, or Chardonnay.